‘Fright Night’ Star Dave Franco Talks About ‘Fun’ Of Film, Surprises In Store

written by Jenny XXII.VIII

Finally “Fright Night” has been released in theaters. Which means that after following the production for over a year, and chatting up the cast members whenever possible, we can finally dig a little deeper into Craig Gillespe’s remake of the ’85 cult classic.

MTV News caught up with Dave Franco recently, who plays Mark (a typical high school a–hole, according to Franco), to get some more scoop on his work in the film, scene-stealer David Tenant, and if we should watch out for any Easter eggs.

Also, before we get to the goods, let me just add that Franco is one of the nicest, most laid-back actors in the biz. So genuine, friendly and just plain cool.

MTV News: What were the highlights of filming the movie for you?

Dave Franco: This one was really fun, mainly. Not only just working with good material and incredibly talented people all around, but just kind of the friendships I made on this one. It was one of these films where everyone got along so well. On most projects you make friends, but then everyone comes home and they have their own lives and everyone goes their separate ways, but on this one we all stayed in touch and just had a blast together.

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