“Warm Bodies” Perry Kelvin Character Bio

written by Jenny XXVI.XI

Dave Franco will play Perry in Warm Bodies

It’s time for Character Wednesday with our exclusive bio written for TheWarmBodies.com, by Isaac Marion himself.

Last week we brought you, M. This week we bring you, Perry. Perry will be played by Dave Franco in the film adaptation. This weeks contest for a signed copy of Warm Bodies is following us on twitter.

Perry arrived at the stadium with his father at age fifteen, and promptly fell in love with Julie. Their relationship had its moments of beauty, but their bond began to unravel as Perry gradually abandoned hope in this dying world, losing more and more of himself to pessimism and apathy until his attachments to life were finally cut. He is killed and eaten by R the day R meets Julie, but his journey doesn’t end there. (continue reading)

Source: The Warm Bodies.com

2011 November 26 Warm Bodies

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