Interview: “21 Jump Street” Star Dave Franco Talks His Fears Of Fame & Living In His Brother’s Shadow

written by Jenny XIII.III

On the source of his confidence:
“Growing up, I had no intention of acting. I was pretty shy. I said maybe one word in junior high school… But I’m pretty comfortable with who I am. That has to do with having an incredible family and amazing friends who I’ve known for a long time. They keep me grounded. They’re supportive of what I do, but when it comes down to it, they don’t give a fuck what movie I’m doing or who I’m hanging out with.”

On being “James Franco’s little brother”:
“I love my brother to death and I respect him so much. He’s incredibly talented and I would love to collaborate with him… But I’ve been trying to distance myself and show people that I’m my own person despite us looking similar and having similar mannerisms. I think there are roles that he can take on that I could never touch, and vice versa. I hope people start to give me my own credit. I don’t want to be referred to as ‘James Franco’s little brother’ for the rest of my life. It’s unfortunate because we work so well together and we’d have a lot of fun.”

On doing uncomfortable sex scenes:
“The most awkward part of the Funny Or Die video ‘Go Fuck Yourself’ is that there was a double there the whole time. He’s a friend of mine, so we were able to be as comfortable as possible in very awkward situations. I’m comfortable with my sexuality, and for the sake of humor I’m willing to take it there… But there was a moment during filming when I said, ‘This is the first time that I’ve offended myself. This is bad, guys.’”

On his fear of fame:
“One part of the movie business that scares me is losing my anonymity. Granted, this is if everything works out, but I have a small freak-out moment every few months… But I’ve seen that you can be smart about fame. You don’t have to go to the biggest clubs where you’re gonna be seen. And when people approach you on the streets, for the most part they’re not coming up to say anything mean.”

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Source: Complex

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