Hello Dave fans! I start this post by apologizing for the downtime, we were going through some issues but now we’re back for good (hopefully)! If you follow our twitter @DaveFrancoFan you know that we didn’t let you down and still kept you updated with Dave’s trip to Sundance Film Festival, where he promoted the movie The Little Hours.

Dave’s first appearance at the festival was at the movie’s premiere, on January 19. He began promoting it with the cast the following day, and we were rewarded with not only event photos of Dave but also photoshoots! His trip to Sundance Film Festival ended on January 21, after he attended Creators League Studio. The feedback on the movie? So good so far, and we couldn’t be more happy for Dave. Deadline reported on January 26 that the movie had been acquired by Gunpowder & Sky, and now all we have to do is wait for a release date.

I’ve added photos from the film festival to our gallery, and you can also watch interviews bellow!

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