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written by Jenny V.III

If you’re one of those people, whose only newsfeed is social media, then you might conclude on reviewing the scant available evidence, that Mr Dave Franco is dating his Neighbors co-star Mr Zac Efron. He’s not. That’s just a rumour started by his older, more social media-savvy sibling, James, who posted a doctored HollywoodLife article showing a photo of the duo cosying up at a basketball game. Having said that, they did share a suspiciously authentic on-screen “bromance”.

Dig a little further and you might wind up at Funny or Die, the comedy site for which Mr Franco has created a handful of short movies. There’s the “You’re So Hot” trilogy, a series of spaghetti western-style showdowns in which he trades increasingly filthy sexual exchanges with Mr Christopher Mintz-Plasse before facing off in a game of what the Urban Dictionary refers to as “gay chicken”. Or the unsentimentally titled “Go F**k Yourself”, which employs a little camera trickery to show him doing… well, exactly that.

Scour the internet for long enough, and a slightly more holistic rendering emerges – one of a crass, funny and transgressive young comedian. But, while in person he can be all of these things, this is not the real Dave Franco. Unlike his brother, who helms a high-profile personal brand that seems as if it must take dozens of man-hours a week to maintain, Franco the Younger has gone out of his way to remain something of a man of mystery. It’s an aura that he might not be able to maintain for too much longer, though. Such as that favourite neighbourhood restaurant that only the insiders know about, he’s just one rave review away from blowing up.

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March 05 Dave Photos Press

Dave Franco Opens Up About Movies, Cats, & Alison Brie

written by Jenny IV.III

The recent holidays were an unusual time for Dave Franco. His older brother James, referred to by President Obama as “James Flacco,” was at the center of the The Interview crisis, where hackers, reportedly working for North Korea, followed their invasion on Sony’s privacy by making terror threats on movie theaters. “It was terrifying,” says Dave Franco during our own, far less drastic interview.

“It was an extremely bizarre, scary situation. I tend to get a little paranoid in those situations. Because I’m in the same vicinity as my brother, I’m thinking there’s a fifty percent chance I’m gonna get killed this Christmas.”

While the threat proved empty, as many suspected, it did manage to put a damper on the holidays for families like that of Franco’s, who typically spend the holidays watching at least one movie a day.

“We didn’t feel safe enough to go to the theater,” Franco admits. “So we missed out on what’s typically a very joyous family tradition. Everything was so blown out of proportion through the media that you can’t help but get caught up on it a little bit. I was taking cues from my brother, seeing how seriously he was taking it and how threatened he actually felt. He seemed pretty composed throughout and so that definitely eased my mind to an extent.”

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Latino-Review: Talking ‘Unfinished Business’ With Dave Franco

written by Jenny III.III

Last week I had the chance to exclusively talk with Dave Franco about Ken Scott’s (Delivery Man) new comedy “Unfinished Business.”

The film follows a hard-working small business owner (Vince Vaughn) and his two associates (Tom Wilkinson, Dave Franco) who travel to Europe to close the most important deal of their lives. But what began as a routine business trip goes off the rails in every imaginable – and unimaginable – way, including unplanned stops at a massive sex fetish event and a global economic summit.

Here is what he said about the upcoming film and two upcoming sequels “Now You See Me 2” and “Neighbors 2.”

What is it with you and comedy films? Is that your favorite genre?

Dave Franco: I guess I’ve done primarily comedies up until this point. I have a good time doing them just because, on most of the comedies I’ve worked on, they’ve been heavily improvised. And so essentially I’m just coming to set with a bunch of really funny people and we’re just trying to make each other laugh every day. So it ends up being a lot of fun.

For those who haven’t seen ‘Unfinished Business’, can you elaborate on your character and who you play?

Dave Franco: Yeah. So the movie is about a small business comprised of three guys. And they take a trip to Berlin to close a huge deal they’ve been working on through the year. And one they get there they realize that their biggest competitor is also fighting for the same deal. And so everything that can go wrong, does go wrong. And they find themselves amongst some crazy situations throughout Berlin. Some of which are a giant sexual fetish event. And the Berlin marathon. And what else? What else? What else do they experience? Oh, and Oktoberfest.

A lot of drinking.

Franco: Yeah.

Speaking of overseas, how much was this actually filmed in Berlin?

Franco: We filmed two months in Berlin and a month in Boston.

How was working with Vince Vaughn and Tom Wilkinson?

Franco: It was incredible. I’ve admired both of them for a long time. So it was really rewarding to be able to work with them and just learn from their process. And with Vince, specifically, I was definitely a little intimidated at first just because I didn’t want to be the person in the scene to slow everything down. I didn’t want to be making bad jokes and looking like an idiot. But what I quickly realized is that when you’re working with someone as funny as Vince he elevates everyone else in that scene. And he makes everyone else around him even better than they already are. So that was…that created a very safe environment. And then Tom Wilkinson is just…he is an absolute professional. And, you know, he’s a two-time Academy Award nominee. And I think people are going to be excited to see him in a different role in this movie where he’s taking bong hits and dancing with naked girls. And participating in pillow fights and much, much more.

Speaking about Tom Wilkinson, it seems like a lot of serious drama actors make awesome comedians.

Franco: Yeah. Absolutely. Yeah. Yeah. Tom…I completely agree with that you’re saying. And what I admire about Tom is that there were certain moments in the script that if performed the wrong way, these moments could very broad and over the top. But Tom, his brand of humor is just attacking a scene in a very real way. He assesses…or I’m sorry. He’s put in a very silly, crazy situation and he just plays it as straight and real as possible and a lot of the humor comes from that.

Were you able to improvise from the script?

Franco: Yeah. The script itself was extremely well written. And so we didn’t feel the need to improvise throughout the entire movie. But there were certain sense that we wanted to have fun with and just allow ourselves to be free and see what kind of moments came that were not scripted. And, again, when you’re working with Vince Vaughn he’s at his best when he can be loose and free and, you know, just kind of figure things out on the spot.

Dave on All Access Pass with Billy Kidd (Audio)

written by Jenny III.III

In the latest All Access Pass, Billy Kidd talked with actor Dave Franco about his upcoming film ‘Unfinished Business’. In the interview they also talked about working with Vince Vaughn and Tom Wilkenson, how improv is handled in the framework of a movie, Dave’s portrayal antagonists, and working with his brother James.

In the interview Dave talked about his upcoming role as Mike Pancake in ‘Unfinished Business’. “The character is everything that you would expect from a name like that. He’s a little slow, but he’s also extremely sweet and naive and loyal and would kill for his friends,” Dave said. “It was nice to play a pure protagonist for once as opposed to some of the douche-ier roles I’ve played as of late.”

Vince Vaughn and Tom Wilkenson also star in ‘Unfinished Business’, and Dave spoke about working with them. “Vince is someone that I’ve looked up too for a long time. So to be able to work with him on a comedy. It was an invaluable experience,” Dave said.
“It was really special just being in these scenes with him, but also some what intimidating,” He added. “He’s such a smart funny guy that he really does elevate everyone around him.”
Dave then spoke about Tom Wilkenson, “Tom is just an absolute pro. He’s a tow time Academy Award nominee, but we get to see a different side of Tom in this movie.”

A comedy like ‘Unfinished Business’ has quite a bit of improvisation to it, and Dave spoke on how improve is handled in the framework of a film like this. “Typically you want to have the freedom to do whatever you want, but you do want it to be somewhat constrained.” Dave said.
Adding, “You want every improvisation to at leas serve the story or the characters in some way.”
With acting credits like ’21 Jump Street’ and ‘Neighbors’, Dave has played several antagonists in his career. “It was fun to play that type of role at first, because it’s kind of liberating to play a role that’s completely outside of yourself,” Dave said. “I feel like Iv’e completely exhausted that role. There is nothing else I can bring to it that’s new. So I’ve been trying to make a conscious decision to branch out.”

Towards the end of the interview Billy asked about Dave’s brother James Franco, and whether the two we’re planning on working together. “He just directed me in something… It’s called ‘Zeroville’ and like I said he directed it. It was really fun working with him in that capacity, because he’s the most happy when he’s behind the camera,” Dave said.
“I would love to keep working with him,” He continued. “That being said the past five years or so, I really did make a conscious decision to distance myself from him work wise. Just because I wanted to pave my own path.”

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